No matter the industry, no one wants to get injured or sick at work. Teachers and staff who work for school districts and private institutions are no different. School systems insurance provides workers’ compensation coverage for everyday risks and exposures as well as guidance on effective strategies to help reduce claims. 

Assess Major Risks and Improve Safety

Whether it’s an icy parking lot or repetitive stress injury, school employees do get injured on the job from time to time. Districts and private institutions should be proactive in assessing the major risks to employees and focus efforts on preventing accidents and injuries as well as improving safety. Even small changes such as implementing slip prevention tactics often result in dramatic claim reductions over time. 

Leverage Community Buy-In for Loss Prevention

School districts employ hundreds or thousands of people, and the best way to reduce workers’ comp claims is to get everyone on board with safety and prevention protocols. This could look like administrators participating in regular safety briefings with staff or even creating a transparent process to report unsafe work conditions. When safety becomes a community issue, everyone benefits. 

Workers’ compensation is an integral part of school systems insurance. Teachers, staff, and administration deserve to work in a safe and secure environment. These strategies can help schools improve their safety and reduce their losses.