Millennials have made a name for themselves as they entered the workforce over the past several years. Unfortunately, they are often labeled as a lazy, flaky generation with a short attention span. This stereotype couldn’t be farther from the truth. Millennials as salespeople show unique skills that make them stand out from other generations. 

Tech Savvy

This generation grew up in the age of technology. The experience of using the internet, social media, and smartphones from a young age gives millennials an edge in the tech field. As salespeople, they are apt to take on the newest technology. They will learn new skills quickly and be an asset to the team. Far from lazy, they will use the best tools to get the job done. 

Driven by Vision

Millennials are particularly interested in the vision of their company. They want to understand the impact of their product or service. When millenials are on board, they are in 100%. This skill allows them to be effective salespeople as they connect customers with the heart of their company and not simply a product. 

Though this generation so often gets a bad reputation, millennials are excellent salespeople. Their visionary thinking and skills in technology help them excell in this field.